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Paul Alex Kirby Memorial Scholarship Fund

Note from the management of Paul Alex Kirby Memorial Scholarship Fund

Thanks to the generous donation of Nightingale Home Healthcare, these students in a nearby alternative school program have the latest computers on which to do their work. Prior to the donation from Nightingale, 16 students had two outdated computers that they were forced to share. Now, as depicted in the photo, the students each have a computer and can work individually.

Since the inception of the alternative school, 30 young lives have been enhanced by earning a high school diploma, continuing on to trade school, or entering the military. The alternative students are considered at-risk, either through pregnancy, inability to function in a usual classroom setting, learning disabilities, or attendance probation. The statistics of these students graduating are extremely low due to parental demands, probation requirements, and families who enable poor choices. However, because of the direction they receive at the alternative school program, many of these students have graduated and are now contributing citizens to our society.

Thank you Dr. Brar and Nightingale Home Healthcare for seeing a need and stepping up to give these kids a second chance.

Phillip Kirby

Dear Dr. Brar,

Thank you for your donation of $500 to the Paul Alex Kirby Memorial Scholarship Fund. Your gift will benefit another young person's opportunity to a higher education.

To date, this scholarship has assisted in developing these careers: An attorney, military /career training, a nurse, a cosmetologist, and a marketing/graphic artist. We are very proud of these young people and pleased that you have chosen to play a role in the development of their lives.

Thank you for enabling us to continue this scholarship.

Phillip and Patricia Kirby-Parents