Company Awards

Honors Recipient

You are leading the way! That was the message of the congratulatory letter from The HHCAHPS Honors program who announced that Nightingale Visiting Nurses was a 2017 HHCAHPS HonorsTM recipient.

Established by Deyta, this annual honor acknowledges the top twenty percent of agencies that continuously provide the highest level of satisfaction through their care as measured from the patient's point of view. The HHCAHPS Honors identifies the highest performing agencies ranked by analyzing satisfaction measures covering both performance and improvement of care over a twelve-month period.

"The HHCAHPS Honors defines a new standard of excellence in the patient experience for home health agencies," said Bill Bassett, Deyta's Vice President of Home Health. "Identifying the top-performers in the home health industry is our way of recognizing HHAs that are dedicated to providing high quality of care in a patient-centric approach. The resulting patient experience is a key driver of ongoing patient and agency success."