Certified Nursing Assistants/Home Health Aide

CNA/HHA Services include
  • Performs normal range of motion and assists with positioning, transferring, and ambulating as required.
  • Takes vital signs (temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate).
  • Performs personal hygiene and grooming including, but not necessarily limited to the following:
    • Bed baths
    • Sponge, tub, or shower baths
    • Shampooing hair
    • Nail and skin care - may not trim nails
    • Oral hygiene
    • Toiletry and elimination activities
  • Assists patient with adequate nutrition and fluid intake including meal preparation and feeding (excludes tube feedings).
  • Assists patient with self-administered medications
  • Keeps records as instructed by the Visiting Nurse or Visiting Therapist and submits reports on a weekly basis.
  • Reports any change in the patient's mental or physical condition or home situation to the Visiting Nurse or Visiting Therapist supervising the case.
  • Performs light housekeeping tasks, only if performed in conjunction with allowable home health Personal Care Attendant to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for the patient and as instructed by the Visiting Nurse or Visiting Therapist.
  • Helps promote patient's mental alertness through involvement in activities of interest.
  • Maintains confidentiality of patient's situation, records, and services provided according to HIPAA regulations
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