Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Services include
  • Motor speech (dysarthria and apraxia), articulation
  • Voice disorder training (Lee Silverman Voice Therapy) - great for neurodegenerative processes, like Parkinson's
  • Language and/or language expression such as aphasia, language comprehension
  • Cognitive-communication disorders resulting from brain injury, dementia and stroke, especially right hemisphere stroke
  • Swallowing disorders (dysphasia) using E-Stim
  • Augmentative and alternative communication (including gestural/sign-based communication, speech devices, artificial larynx) - If you already have a device in place our staff can evaluate and train on them
  • Education and training of caregivers and community groups
  • Community-based and of course home-based services
  • Consultation and education for caregivers at home and in facilities
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