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Our medical professionals are highly trained

Medication non-compliance accounts for $100 billion annually in preventable hospitalizations, emergent care, and unscheduled physician visits. This device helps clients remain compliant with medication dosing.

  • Reminds patient with voice cues when it's time to take medication.
  • Calls the patient's designated caregiver if a dose of medication is missed or the dispenser is near empty so the caregiver can take action.
  • Generates a daily record for our review for clinical oversight.
  • The Philips Medication Dispenser can be combined with daily vital signs monitoring to provide a comprehensive care plan.
  • The Philips Medication Dispenser provides peace of mind because of an automated reminder system.
  • Patients who take multiple daily medications are far more likely to make dosing errors. This system will help them dose their medications at the correct times and thereby reduce the risk of any medication errors.
  • The Philips Medication Dispenser helps patients to maintain their independence.
  • The unit is AC powered with battery backup in case of power loss. It requires a landline phone for communication.

There is no charge for the Philips Medication Dispenser while the patient is under our skilled care.