Home Monitoring

Older Adults with complex care needs pose a significant challenge for both health systems and families. Our goal at Home Care Providers is for these elderly to live independently as long as they can. The challenge is to increase access to quality healthcare for these adults and provide them tools to educate and maintain control over their health and well - being. Home Care Providers have been pioneers in the use of telehealth technology for their patients. With use of multitude of telehealth products, we are able to deliver a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and care management services. We are also able to support the family caregivers with communication tools allowing them to be involved closely with the care of their loved ones.

Our use of EASY VITALS technologies allows us to monitor weight, blood pressure, oxygen saturation and heart rate remotely. This allows us to track trends, report symptoms, receive alerts and reminders, and obtain feedback from a healthcare provider. With use of tele monitoring, the users are able to learn self-management skills that allows them to take control and monitor their health more keenly.

Using Virtual visit with the help of CHAT A DOC allows our patient to connect with a healthcare provider from the comfort of their home. This greatly increases the accessibility to quality healthcare personnel and also reduces the burden of transportation to office - based care especially for people with mobility limitations.