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Nightingale announces $50,000.00 annual grant for veterans and Their families Nightingale announces a grant of $50,000 to family members of Veterans attending nursing school

Carmel, Indiana, May 28, 2007 - In the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living, we often forget that Memorial Day is about remembering and celebrating, and thanking those brave souls who paid the price for freedom with their time, their resources, and their lives. We owe this day to them.

In this land of peace and prosperity, we become scared by the smallest threat to our lives and to our families. However, these brave soldiers face threats to their lives every second while serving on foreign soil. Many of them have given the ultimate sacrifice so you and I can live in this great country without any threat. These men and women have given us a life of freedom in a secure land, but we fail to thank them, as we should.

One Memorial Day, I was driving on highway 5 when I heard an interview on the radio with a veteran who had served in the Vietnam War. He said, "People have made a mockery of Memorial Day by having cookouts and parties. They have forgotten what the soldiers have gone through and are still going through. They have not seen their buddy disintegrate in front of their eyes, as I have, when a chemical grenade hit him. I picture those soldiers who fought by my side and protected my back. I picture them fighting for a cause, that was sometimes very blurry. I am sickened by the way people have turned Memorial Day into a vacation day or just a day to get drunk. I am not asking people to stop having fun. All I am saying is that on Memorial Day, at least, they should have their thoughts and activities centered on those who so unselfishly gave their lives for them."

I cannot agree more with the thoughts that were expressed so eloquently by this brave veteran.

His speech started me thinking that I should do more than what I do to memorialize this day and honor our military personnel, both personally and as a as a company. My thoughts led me to offer financial help to the families of veterans who have served in active duty during any of the wars. Any veteran or family member of a veteran who experienced injury in any way, or a family who lost a loved one in military service can enroll for a grant of $10,000 to attend nursing school. A total of $50,000 (for five such candidates) is being made available through Nightingale Home Healthcare every year, beginning with 2007.

What a more auspicious day could be better to make this announcement than Memorial Day?

This is our small way of saying Thank You to our many brave men and women who protect and serve this great nation.

Dr. Dev Anuroop Brar,
Nightingale Home Healthcare
May 28, 2007