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Study Finds Chiropractic Care on the Rise in America

According to a new nationwide report, more Americans are opting to seek help from chiropractors. In 2014, the report found over 33 million Americans, 18 and older, who turned to chiropractic care to relieve conditions associated with neck and back pain. That likely indicates that the "chiropractic first" movement — touted by health experts troubled by the overuse of addictive drugs — has become increasingly popular.

The report concludes that Americans who have exposure to chiropractors are more likely to have an opinion of them. And in general those opinions are positive.

Other key findings from the report concluded that:
  • Although most patients go to chiropractor when they're in pain, 31 percent of adults who have been treated within the last five years say they prefer regular visits, regardless of whether they're hurting.
  • Those under the age of 50, are likely to say a chiropractor would be their first choice for treating neck or back pain.
  • Patients who prefer chiropractors over their primary care physicians for joint pain, averaged 11 visits in the last 12 months.
Sherry McAllister from the Foundation for Chirporactic progress finds this report to be groundbreaking. "It shows Americans are embracing chiropractic as an alternative to other costly and invasive treatments," she says.

In truth, today's chiropractors — with a minimum of seven years of higher education, including clinical patient management — are often the ones we turn to about pain relief, increased flexibility, injury prevention and advice on healthy living.

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